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Sunday morning coffee pot post

It is important which coffee mug I choose to begin my day.

Yesterday was such a waste. I’ve been fighting off something for a while, don’t know what, maybe “just” congested sinuses. I know that my blood test showed low iron in December. Anyway, I went to bed early Friday night, got up with a wicked headache on Saturday morning, fed the critters, drank some coffee, and went back to sleep listening to Hearts of Space until nearly noon. I watched episodes of the first season of House on DVD. Late that afternoon, Sandy and I went to Fishbones where I had a fish burrito. I love their fish burritos. I love all their food. Then I went to sleep at my normal time last night.

Exciting life, eh?

Today I plan to do a bit of catch-up. I did laundry on Friday night, so I don’t have that in the way. I feel enthusiastic about my woodcut class and am chomping at the bit to get started. I took a large piece of polyurethaned veneered plywood from a table I took apart to a neighbor friend who cut it into 12 x 18 pieces for me. One piece, along with two pieces of a wood strip that I scavenged from the trash, will become a bench hook, a kind of brace that props against a table. This will hold my wood block firmly in place while I carve it.

Another piece will become a register for block printing – basically, a platform with wooden edges to hold the block in one place during the printing process. You lay the paper on top of the inked relief cut and rub the back of the paper against the block. Simple stuff. So glad I decided to do this.

But, what I really need to do is to go through my drawings and paintings and photographs and come up with some ideas of what to do in this class! Well, actually, coming up with the ideas is not the problem…narrowing them down is the problem. Luckily he is going to meet with us individually and guide us in a direction.

I know that I want to work with images of my cats, but not for this class. I try to pretend that I don’t care about other people’s perceptions, but this man doesn’t know me and I don’t want the first impression of me to be the middle-aged cutesy cat lady. I like to work with themes of place, so perhaps I’ll go to my photos of Spannocchia or Lake Waccamaw.

Or food. I like food. Did you know that?

Susanne wants me to come over and give her some advice on converting her back yard to no-till vegetable garden beds. I love any excuse to go over there and soak in the art vibes.

Okay, the second pot of coffee is on. An article in the NYT said that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day had a lower risk for dementia. Good enough for me! Finally, a vice that I can feel good about.

Now, about Hearts of Space. I decided to subscribe to it, and I am so glad that I did. In the end, the quality of the programming and the large amount of music in the archives did it for me. They just kicked off a beta version where they have some samples that you can listen to any time, but today is Sunday, which means you can listen to their weekly radio show for free by signing up.

This leads me to a related subject: voluntary simplicity. I thought hard about subscribing, because on the surface, it seemed expensive. When I weighed the cost versus the benefit, I saw that it was worth it for me. Different people have different views of voluntary simplicity. I believe that it is not just about saving money. It is about using your money wisely to support the things that you value. I decided that I wanted to support this programming because it provides a service that enriches my life. There are times when I listen to this music that my whole inner being feels like it is expanding. It may not be that way for some people. But for me, anything that makes me feel that way that is healthy and legal has got my vote for my hard-earned dollars.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy other than the fact that the refinancing people are not getting back to us. But it will happen. I’m moving ahead.

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