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Join Michael Pollan’s Army!

Received the following email, as well as a disturbing one yesterday that rumoured conservative Democrats were backing pro-industrial anti-sustainable people for deputy secretary of ag, so your input is VERY VERY important! Tom Vilsack was a huge disappointment, but hopefully he would be balanced and influenced by sustainable advocates.

At least we can say we tried to make change!

Fellow Citizens,
Join Michael Pollan’s Army! – Invite your Friends

Now that the inauguration is behind us, it’s time to get serious about change. President Obama has indicated that he will not be able to do it alone, that’s why it’s important to grow our movement.

Right now, if you’ve already signed the petition at Food Democracy Now! it’s more important than ever to get our allies to sign as well.

Already you have become a part of sustainable history. We just got the news that two of our Sustainable Dozen are under serious consideration for Deputy Secretary. In order to put Chuck Hassebrook or Karen Ross in a position to be able to implement sustainable change at the USDA you need to act now!

Invite all your friends to become a part of Michael Pollan’s Army! If we each get two or three friends to sign the petition we will reach the critical mass needed to create serious reform at the USDA.

Right now President Obama needs your help to Show Him the Movement! so he will be able to support family farmers going forward.

If you want to see this grassroots effort continue, please donate as little as $10 or $25 to make sustainable change possible.

Go ask your friends to join Michael Pollan’s Army and give President Obama the reinforcement he needs.

Grow the movement. Act Now.
Be the Change!

David Murphy
Director, Food Democracy Now!

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