book arts

New books from Slow Turn Studio

You can breathe now. I’m finally posting some photos of my new books!

Not as many as I’d like. The photography gods are still mad at me. But I got a few that were almost in focus.

The first two are of the Brasstown book with wooden covers that I made at John C. Campbell Folk School in October. The mica window encloses lichen and pebbles from John C. Campbell Folk School. The bone clasp was soaked in black walnut “juice” to tint it.

Here’s the one I’m excited about. The cover is one of the tapestry ATCs I wove last spring. I’ve become entranced with the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, a German artist and evolutionist who lived in the late 19th to early 20th century, so I cut out some of his work from 1899 and pasted it into the book. Paper is my handmade artichoke paper, natural and painted with acrylic washes. Coptic stitch.

This next one is the Sherri Book, named for Sherri McDonald who gave me the handmade paper! The cover is painted artichoke paper, and the buttons were made by a local artist, Molly Lithgo. Spine covers are from a map of the Pacific Northwest, where Sherri is from. This little book is about 2.5 inches square.

Okay, one more. I made the paper for this simple book from recycled paper and included sunflower petals in the cover. Added a button and bead for the closure. The binding is Coptic, and the painted spine covers are my artichoke paper.

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