I’m a gummint employee, so today is a holiday for me. I’m back under the covers with a cup of coffee, a book (The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood) and my Mac. The only thing I ever use this Mac for is occasional Internet and iTunes, simply because the battery is good and it’s more portable.

Sounds like there might possibly be more people than I can handle at my tapestry workshop for the guild! Hope not! We’ll manage. I’ve been making the box looms as the RSVPs have come in. It’s not hard, just a little tedious and since I have a healing blister on my scissors finger not especially pleasant. It would have been fine by now had I not put some antibiotic cream and a band-aid on it for 3 days. Then it swelled up and developed a rash. I’m allergic to so many odd things.

Anyway, I worked on finishing up some of my little books yesterday, and I hope to get some photos up later today. I don’t seem to have a talent for taking good photos of my work, and I know for sure that I don’t have the knowledge, so I have to rely on luck.

I’m thinking about subscribing to the Hearts of Space site – I have been a fan of Windham Hill music since the 80s and the ambient music is perfect background for doing art, reading, or sleeping. I listen to it free every Sunday night, and they may have hooked me, since I look forward to it so much. The free ambient radio on iTunes is usually pretty much crap.

Facebook turns out to be a lot of fun – I resisted it for a long time, as I do anything that is very popular, since, you know, I’m too cool for popular. Guess that showed me.

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