Nothing special to say here

I have been sucked into the Facebook vortex, and felt guilty about neglecting my blog, so I’m making amends.

Sandy and I are also in a refinancing vortex, with some tense disagreement and shopping around after I’d already locked in, so things are not so good around here. We’re not getting the extra money as we had arranged, but I’m looking into replacing my home equity line of credit in case we need an emergency repair. Second bathroom is probably out (sorry, ZhaK!)

Weird happenings on the street. NDN is definitely worse, and the other NDN suddenly sold her house. Hope that it won’t be an absentee landlord. This is the house that we owned as partners with her at one time. I don’t know how much money she put into it, but from the price I heard she sold it for, she made a tidy sum of money. I’m glad that she is moving because by the end of selling our half back to her things got ugly between us.

Anyway, work is getting busy for me and I’m mainly vegging out at night. I’m teaching a workshop to the Greensboro Weavers Guild on the tapestry box and Ginny will be there! Yay! There is a three-day weekend ahead and my woodcut class begins Tuesday night.

I wonder if I can live on soup until it gets warm again. It’s fortunate that I love soup.

The Slow Food potluck at Handance Farm was wonderful. Great food, great people, great location. I’ve been pretty good at holding my ground at “still a board member but just advising now.” It’ll take a while for everyone to make the adjustment. I’m worried about the web site though.

Reading Swiss Family Robinson, a book that I would have totally gone wild over as a child, yet no one ever pointed me toward it.

Five more days until Obama takes office! WOO-HOO! Has Bush gone yet? God, will someone light a fire under his ass? I guess that he’s done all the damage that he can now, am I right? Now we’ll have to spend some valuable time reversing the late regulations he put through. It’s just amazing what one administration can do to wreck the world. Listening to the news is almost more than I can bear these days.

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