Eh. Dan isn’t going to write me the recommendation letter for Penland. I understand his reasons – he probably doesn’t even remember me. Let’s face it, I’m one of hundreds of menopausal overweight white women he teaches a year in probably a dozen or so venues – I’m sure that after a while we all look alike. At least he was kind enough to respond and give me advice about the application process at Penland, which was more than Sonya bothered to do.

So, I’m not going to bother applying and wasting $45 on a scholarship app that isn’t going to be a good one. Maybe next year I’ll be able to round up two artist/teachers who will be willing.

Yeah, I cried because it really hurt my ego, but now I think that it probably means that something else is going to happen or that I should concentrate on what’s in front of me, which is the woodcut class this semester.

And, I’m very happy that we are now the proud owners of a brand new toilet that doesn’t have to be flushed twice per use! What more can a girl want?

We’re refinancing the house with enough extra cash to fix the joist, to put in a second bathroom, and to redo the deck so that we can get into the basement. Why does a couple of DINKs need a second bathroom you ask? Well, I’m trying to think long term. Our current bathroom has a big clawfoot tub with a jerry-rigged shower. If my mother needs to come live with us, there’s no way she could use it safely. Plus with my hip problems, who knows what the future might bring for me? We have an odd little nook that a corner shower, toilet and sink would fit into nicely. If it ever comes down to us needing to rent out a room to a college student, the second bathroom, back bedroom, and computer room could serve as a nice private area for a renter. Or the Fabulous ZhaK could move in.

Yep, I’m an INTJ, always planning for contingencies.

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