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Election Commentary

As much as I want them to definitely call North Carolina for Obama ASAP, wouldn’t it be totally cool if we were the ones to put him over the top?

I’m so psyched about Kay Hagan, who is my state senator and will be a fantastic US senator, whupping Liddy Dole that I’m as excited about that as anything. I was so sick of coming home to an answering machine full of messages telling me that I’m a do-nothing godless unAmerican. When Liddy got so desperate that she put out that incredibly slimy “godless” commercial about Kay, I would have been very upset if that had not backfired. That was so unbelievably low, and I’ve lived through quite a few of the nastiest Senate campaigns according to anybody, having endured 20+ years of Jesse Helms.

Deception should not pay, and I’ve been sorely disappointed that it does in this country. At least this time it did not.

My mother, who has always been a good Democrat until she came under the influence of an extremist right-winger preacher and, unfortunately, my brother and his wife, loves Liddy Dole. I think that she is entranced by the fact that she is an older woman. She also subscribes to the county newspaper, which is so far right that they regularly run Ann Coulter’s column as their main editorial. My sister and I get quite frustrated, and Mama won’t tell any of us how she votes any more, but I’d be willing to bet that she voted for Obama and Dole. This would be in keeping with my family history – my father once voted for Mondale and Helms.

North Carolina is complicated. We elect Democrats in the state government at the same time we elect Republicans to the federal government, and vice versa. I don’t know why we’ve been painted a red state (because of Jesse’s long success, maybe?) but from my observation, we’ve always been purple.

Looks like we might have a female Democrat governor, too.

I wasn’t playing the drinking game tonight because I’m sitting here alone, but I’ve heard “historic election” enough times to get a good buzz on if I had been.

Hope I’m not devastated in the morning like I was in 2000, but I think that it might be safe to go to bed with a book.

11 pm, with laptop in bed: Virginia just went for Obama. I love Virginia.

Now there is less than a 1000 vote difference in NC. Aughhh! What a nail-biter. I know, Obama will win, but it would be really groovy if he won in my state. Then there would be TWO Southern states! Okay, three if you count Maryland, but that’s a fuzzy call around here. And even Floridians know that Florida is not Southern.

Whee! President Obama! I wish that Miss Mary had lived long enough to see this day. (She was my babysitter, who lived into her 90s until this year.)

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