Last night I bound a book with the paper that included Squirt and Mama Kitty’s fur and the artichoke paper. Today I found a piece of mica that highlighted Squirt’s eyes – perfect!

I’m working on three books at once right now. The wooden covers for the main book of the workshop have been drilled, beveled, sanded, and banged and scratched. I’m working on futzing around with the first book’s cover. And Squirt’s book is nearly finished – I’ll put a bone bead (not his, I promise!) and a closure on it tonight.

I took lots of photos of Daniel Essig’s books and other books from his collection that he brought to show us. Most of these books are very small. They will be on my flickr site. I will edit and describe them when I get home, because I’m getting in all the work play I can here!

Here’s a shot of my workspace with Squirt’s book.