My bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

I did have to simmer the butterbeans a little more on the electric stove, but they cooked enough to be edible on the woodstove without me stoking it up beyond normal. I left the pot on the woodstove all night and most of the “pot liquor” evaporated and the beans had a bit of a strange taste. They didn’t seem burned, and they weren’t bad-tasting, but I wasn’t especially pleased.

I made a pot of meat sauce and a hamburger/potato casserole for my hubby so that he won’t spend all his money eating hot dogs and at Taco Bell. ::sigh:: That used up the rest of the ripe Amish Paste tomatoes and hot wax peppers on the counter.

This will be an interesting week. I may be doing more woodworking than bookbinding – I don’t know at this point. I bought a nifty little cordless Dremel Stylus, and I’ve spent too much time looking for the extra drill bits I bought. This is because my house continually stays in a state of chaos. When we “clean up,” we really move our stacks of crap from one room to another, until that room is cleaned up, then we move our stacks of crap back to the original room. I am just as much of a crap-stacker as Sandy, so I have no one to blame except Miss Jazz, who is our scapecat for all unjust accusations.

You should see my studio. Yikes.

Projected departure time: 10 a.m. That should give me time to have lunch somewhere between Black Mountain and Franklin or maybe I’ll just eat my extra-special snack of dry jack cheddar cheese I bought at Slow Food Nation and a seckel pear. I like to get there right at the beginning of registration so that I can claim the bed the furthest away from the hallway door and the bathroom. Placement is everything. I’ll share a room with 5-6 other women.

Sandy will be fine, we don’t see each other much during the week anyway, and I’ll be home Saturday night.

Anyway, enough blathering. I have a little more to do, and then I’m off. I’m so excited. This is something that I’ve looked forward to for months.

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