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Sunday morning second coffee pot post

I consumed the first pot, spent a couple of hours in the Back Forty weeding and doing general clean-up, then decided that I deserved a second pot. So here I am, after all.

I’ve been a little freaked out at the amount of money I’ve spent lately, and I would have had to go into frugal mode despite the eminence of the second Great Depression. However, one thing that I consider to be essential for mental and emotional health purposes is my camera! How I missed it during September! So last weekend, I bought a display model that was on clearance that is not the latest thing, but an update from my old Canon. They threw in a two-year replacement warranty since it was a display model.

So here are a few highlights from my week.

Wednesday I went to the dentist, where they found a little cavity that was no surprise. I decided to treat myself to lunch at Sushi Republic, where I had a bento box with vegetable tempura. I sat at the bar and watched the sushi chefs. For the first time ever, I was tempted by the octopus in the display. And this was so beautiful I had to snap a photo:

On Saturday, the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market relocated to the Greensboro Coliseum Pavilion for Farmers’ Appreciation Day. I set up an information table about Slow Food and it was worthwhile – usually I feel that I’m preaching to the choir but quite a few people had not heard of Slow Food. I put my groceries on the display – organic corn from a backyard market gardener (organic corn is rare for a reason), yellow stoneground grits milled at the Old Mill of Guilford, with corn grown near Yanceyville.

I loved this vendor’s booth – what a beautiful variety of local produce!

Then I wandered around Artstock, an open studio event held each year in Greensboro. I just went to the five nearest stops, one of which was my friends Susanne and John Martin. On my walk down Fairmont St., I encountered these beautiful fungi on a willow oak between the sidewalk and the street:

One of my visits was to a printmaker who showed me and a couple of other visitors two methods for making multi-color prints. (And she doesn’t have a press – she presses with by hand!) My heart began to beat a little faster and stronger and I knew that I am right to move into this book art direction. Then my friend Susanne told me that a couple of other local bookbinders had come by her place, and they were thinking of forming a small group. My heart filled up.

Sandy and I went out to eat at Fishbones, ending a perfect day.

Earlier this week, my co-workers and I posed for this picture for our department newsletter. I’m “See No Evil” – appropriate since I’m shutting out the politicial ads.

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