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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I love these crisp mornings that we are finally beginning to have. But even more, I love that I was able to sleep late this morning. This is rather new for me.

I’ll go to the curb market a little later and do a bit of shopping, but I’ve mainly been living off what I bought earlier this year and put in the freezer. It was packed and I need to make some room. I also have to remind myself that frozen food doesn’t stay good forever and not follow my mother’s footsteps in making my fridge and freezer into a museum of food.

Here’s what I like about the Back Forty right now. Picking butterbeans and field peas is like a treasure hunt. They are unruly and I have them planted in different places all over the garden. The willow and Loudermilk beans have crawled up to the top of the fig tree. I will have to get a ladder to pick them! Every time I walk through, which is often, I try to lift up a tangle of vines in a different spot or look at it from a different angle, and every time I find more that I missed. There will be ones that I miss even so, and those will be saved for next year’s crop.

Yesterday I sat and read in the playhouse, and Miss Peanut meandered back there and hung around nearby. I am always thrilled to see any sociability from Miss Peanut. She used to be more friendly before she lost her eye, still not wanting to be touched, but if I was sitting quietly in the back yard she would lay down nearby, even to the point that once I was on a blanket on the ground, and I looked up to see her laying on the blanket with me. I knew that she would like the cement pavers. I have them outside the playhouse now, and they generate warmth and are a little rough so that she can roll on them.

So I talked to her a lot and she responded. That is a family trait that she shared with Mama Kitty and Squirt and Ozzie. Mama Kitty taught them all to meow conversationally. Now she is the only one left and I know that she must be lonely, so Sandy and I sit and meow with her now and then. She relaxed and I watched her wash herself. A cat washing her face is one of the cutest things ever, but it is particularly nice to see Miss Peanut do this because she was so sick and looked so terrible for about two years after her eye accident, matted and dirty and there wasn’t a thing that I could do about it. Now she is plump and clean, and her bad eye no longer looks like a poster from a horror movie.

Ditching any unnecessary obligations seems to have done me some good. I still have a few left – I promised to do a Slow Food table at the market on Oct. 11 – but dropping my Sierra Club duties and dropping my class helped a lot. I’m going to talk with Anne-Marie later today about our upcoming annual election for Slow Food and try to come up with a plan for my replacement for at least a year. I’ll still be the techie, but I need a break from folks thinking that I’m the point person (I am the list mama and send out the emails, but I’m not the leader). The new Slow Food chapter structure suggests four year term limits, and I think that’s a good idea as long as someone will come along to replace the person! And I’m at the end of my four years. I don’t want to get totally burnt out.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my wants and needs. I still don’t have a solution, but I know that I have a great life and a great situation, and that if I concentrate on the present moment, I feel pretty good. So I think that it’s more of an attitude adjustment that is needed. And I need to do more art, but I want to think about it more than I want to start doing it. “Start” is the key word here. If I can just get started, I am off and running.

Anyway, I’m feeling better.

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