Doing Not Thinking Challenge

It’s not like I don’t do much. It’s like, I don’t do as much as I’d like.

You can check out Two Frog Home for the details and the purpose of the challenge.

My goal is to make a new kind of book every month until the end of the year, when I’ll set myself a new goal.

Since I don’t have a camera right now and it’s not the type of thing that would scan well, I’ll try to describe it. It’s a small accordion (folded) book with covers made from a six-pack carton that I bought just because I liked the artwork on it. I wanted it for a book cover as soon as I saw it at the grocery store! The ale was expensive and I didn’t care greatly for it, but the fish on the carton was awesome.

The pages are from two sheets of the paper I made with Squirt and Mama Kitty’s fur mixed into the pulp. I’m going to fill it full of fish just for them (and for me too). There is a pocket in each page.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll have a new camera and I’ll post a photo when that happens. I get paid at 12:01 a.m. tonight, and thank God for it, because the washing machine finally died, after many months of illness. I ordered an Energy Star rated front loader from Sears. I promised myself that when it finally conked out, I’d get an energy and water efficient one instead of the cheapest one. Damn, just when I felt like I might get a little ahead this month! I like to keep my credit cards paid off, and I usually do, so I’m much better off that most people. I also had a goal of paying off the new car loan by next summer, but I killed that plan by going to San Francisco a few weeks ago and to John C. Campbell Folk School next month, so I have only myself to blame for that plan’s demise.

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