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Late Saturday morning coffee pot post

Normally I would have come and gone from the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market by now, perhaps with a stop afterwards at McKnight’s Hardware or Bryant Hardware or Deep Roots Market, but my rally from my cold took a back turn with an earache and headache this morning, so I slept late and I’m staying in.

Not that I’m whining or anything.

I posted a long rant last night that I deleted about 30 minutes later. That sort of gives you an idea of my mood. I feel better emotionally at least!

It was fun listening to the edges of Tropical Storm Hanna last night because I didn’t hear anything alarming – just periods of really heavy rain and wind. I walked out on the deck this morning and the gazebo looks fine and there aren’t even any limbs down that I could see. So I’m glad that I didn’t take the cloth roof off the gazebo.

I’m definitely going to have to adjust to being back in school. Today will be a good day to work on my project. I’ve been in undergrad classes before in the past ten years and that’s a little weird too, after you’ve spent most of your time in grad classes with mostly 30-60 year olds. Anyway, it’s hard to get up the energy to blog when I’ve got this class on the brain. I’m more than a little anxious about it.

I also have piles of tomatoes on the kitchen counters that need to be canned and dried and otherwise dealt with.

I did upload my San Francisco/Slow Food Nation photos to Flickr over the past two nights. I got a very disturbing message on my Core FTP program that freaked me out enough to give me nightmares. It said, “Trust your computer. The computer is your friend.” I shut down my friend immediately. A few photos of mine that I didn’t transfer transferred. I deleted them. There were no viruses. I think that someone was having some fun with me.

Anyway, I’m finding it hard to blog about Slow Food Nation. Partly because I’ve already read so much about it, positive and negative. My experience was wholly positive, except for my personal physical problems. I had my eyebrows waxed before the trip at a beauty school, and the student burnt me over one eye. While I was on my trip, my eye became inflamed and swollen. But I still had a GREAT time and benefited from the conversations and discussions with other Slow Food leaders, which says a lot for the event. I’ll post a few photos here and there.

Guess I’ll have to shop for a new camera now. I’ll try to get by until next month. Dang, I have spent a lot of money lately.

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