Yes, I’m home! San Francisco and Slow Food Nation was absolutely wonderful, but unfortunately I came home very sick. I look forward to uploading photos and sharing this week. I brought home lots o’goodies from the Ferry Market folks. I was able to get autographed books from Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Corby Kummer and Carlo Petrini. And I sat next to Deborah Madison in a Best Practices workshop, and she was sniffling, so I believe that I also brought home her germs.

I’m afraid that the details will have to wait – this cold is a slammer. I expected to spend Labor Day in the Back Forty, because I know that I have dozens of tomatoes and okra and peas and butterbeans to pick after five days and five inches of rain. So if I get any better, I’ll have to devote my energy to that. Farmin’ chores don’t wait for you to get better!