Slow Food

And now, a station break for whining

And yes, I do have an excellent Dry Jack cheddar from Slow Food Sonoma to go with this whine, but I’ll save it for when I can manage not to sneeze all over it.

The good news is that I’m fairly lucid now, the bad is that I’m a walking muck machine. I must have sneezed 600 times today.

I did manage to get out and harvest tomatoes, probably 4-5 dozen. Fortunately they are mostly of the canning varieties, so the boiling should take care of the germs. When I stop sneezing and feel up to canning, that is.

Got enough peas and butterbeans for a little potful, too. I’ll wait to shell these. Sneezing issue again.

Fortunately, I have a large load of goodies from Slow Food Nation to snack on, since hubby doesn’t offer to cook. Pistachios and almonds, straight from the farmers who grew them!

My camera died. I finally killed it stone cold dead. Recharging the batteries did not revive it. I think that the card is probably fine, and I took photos through most of Slow Food Nation. Deb took over with her camera on the Saturday that we spent back in San Francisco after missing our plane.

But that story is for later. I just wanted to whine for a few minutes.

Update: The Sustainable Table posted a photo that shows our table at the “Come to the Table” dinner Thursday night – I’m on the far right taking photos with my now defunct camera. A former USDA head, Richard Rominger, is seated at the table with us. Nice guy – he bussed my plate. More photos on the Slow Food Nation flickr site.

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