Just a few words before work on a busy Monday…

I’ve got an auspicious week ahead of me. Today is the first day of classes for the fall semester, and I start my Design II class tonight. I broke down on Saturday night and ordered a refurbished iBook off eBay since the art department website says that undergrads are required to have Mac laptops. This means that I’m serious, I guess.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish packing for my trip to the Slow Food National Congress and trying not to have a panic attack! I’m not taking the laptop, and I’ll be back on Sunday.

On Wednesday, as I am winging my way across this big country to San Francisco, I’ll have a guest post up at Women Not Dabbling in Normal, subbing for Robbyn, whose Back Forty is in Florida, as she and her family save their energies for her mother-in-law in hospice. I’m not sure what I’ll write about yet – probably about my Back Forty square feet!