Mid week blathering

I’m doing pretty well so far with going out to the gazebo for 15-20 minutes each morning to write. Those minutes sure do fly by! I found a good use for my cell phone at home finally – I can’t wear a watch (I kill batteries within hours) but I can use the phone as a clock. Other than that it is for TRAVEL ONLY and only my mother, sister, and petsitter have the number.

Every time I get a phone bill, I edge a little closer to cell phone hell though. It’s hard to argue against the savings.

Other goal: after spending most of Monday night with a migraine and a hurting elbow, I decided to move the pavers with a wheelbarrow. We’ll see how my elbow feels tonight. I always have some lag time on the pain so it makes it hard to know when to stop. I’m still keeping it to five pavers per night, though. We’re in no hurry, although once classes begin we’ll probably need the space where they sit now for parking.

I spent over two hours out there this afternoon. Partly garden work, but much of it kicked back with a beer and a book in front of a fan. And brushing up on my sketching.

By the way, I do not plan to get any chickens. My lot isn’t big enough, and I was traumatized by a rooster as a child. But I’m willing to trade some produce for eggs if I have enough to share. It may have to be after the damned drought is over. Even the tomatoes are starting to suffer.

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