Here’s another goal – well, a few more, actually

Another goal that I’ve started today – let’s see how long THIS lasts! – I’m getting up 15 minutes earlier to go back to the gazebo and drink my first cup of coffee and journal or sketch or just birdwatch. As long as the weather is nice. If it gets horribly humid and hot – say that three times fast – or it’s wet or cold, I’ll go to the studio.

The cement pavers for the gazebo area were delivered today. Man, those suckers are heavy! I’m setting a goal of carrying at least five per day back to the gazebo on weekdays and more on weekends. It will take a long time but I don’t want to re-injure my elbow, and I’m in no big hurry. I’m glad that I got the big ones though because there will be less cracks to catch furniture legs into. I’ll look at it as good exercise.

I sketched a little in my new booklet this afternoon. I figure if I’m going to be an art major again then I’d best get in some drawing practice. It must be a good decision because I feel quite energized and optimistic about it. But I wish that this professor would answer my email. My main trepidation about the whole thing over the years is the way I saw students treated by some of the art professors. Most of them are gone now, but there are still a few left from the olden days. The difference now is that I’ll be a much better student, but I’ll have to re-learn perspective. Ew.

I’ll probably like it better in a few days. I always need a little distance from my drawing or painting.

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