Back Forty, Local food

I’m in between morning and afternoon activities at the moment. My first pot of butterbeans is on the stove seasoned with a hambone that I saved in the freezer a while back. There is a separate little pot of okra, which I’ll add to my beans, and I bought bi-color corn, and we’ll eat that all weekend. I pulled up all my beets and I’ll cook those and their greens separately for me to eat this week. And tomatoes, lawd, the tomatoes. We’ll eat what appears to be next to the last of the Cherokee Purples for lunch, and I have lots of Garden Peach and canning tomatoes. I’ll be canning and drying all weekend. It’s good timing on the slicing tomatoes, because the Green Zebras are just beginning to ripen.

For breakfast I ate figs and sweet cherry tomatoes right off the tree and vine. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The other things I bought from the curb market: peaches from Kalawi Farm, pork chops from Bradd’s pastured pig farm, hamburger from Rocking F, and half a loaf of garlic rosemary bread from Simple Kneads. I signed the Molners’ petition, with the highlighted note that I only supported the half of the petition that allowed exceptions for customer requested specialty items that were unique to the market. In other words, “Amish cheese and butter from Ohio.” I explained my feeling about it to Francine and she totally understood.

I went to a Sentry hardware out on Hwy 70 that I liked a lot, enough to order a pallet of cement pavers and I bought spray paint to paint the patio table and chairs. So if you come to see me, you won’t get a creamy white shadow on your clothes after sitting down. I don’t know what kind of paint the last owner used! I also bought some landscape fabric, so after I paint the patio set over the cardboard, I’ll cover it with the fabric, then I’ll be ready to put down the pavers.

So, I have a lot to do this weekend, and it’s time to raise my butt from chair and get going on it. Bye!

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