Friday ramble

Just got back from A-M’s, where I set her up with two bogus blogs to play around with – one on Blogger and one on WordPress. She’s computer savvy enough that she’ll be up and running in no time. Blogger and WordPress have both gotten a LOT better in the last year and a half, that’s for sure. I also tried to set Charlie up on Monday, but we had less time and Gmail chose that time to go down. He said that his daughter was coming in this weekend so maybe she can work with him. In the meantime I told him that I’d update his website, but I think that he would be best off with a blog format since he would like to update it himself. He’ll be travelling to Italy and Greece soon and that will be easier for him to handle too.

So that’s two more foodie friends that I’m luring into blogland. Both of them are experts in Slow Food – both are professors – one is a whole foods nutritionist and one teaches about ecology and ethics and permaculture.


I dried more tomatoes this week and this weekend it looks like I’ll have enough Romas, Amish Pastes, and San Marzanos to make a canning session worthwhile. I need to keep up with these since I’ll be in San Francisco at the end of the month and school is starting soon.

I did sign up for the Design II class and contacted the professor in charge of advising transfer students. Looking at the Mac with A-M made me realize that it is much different and much easier than it was for me ten years ago, so I’m not nervous about it anymore.

So my first new bookbinding technique for the Doing Not Thinking Challenge will probably have to be one of the quicker, easier ones.

I left the yellow paper in the gazebo to dry and a lot of it was dripped on. I could have gotten upset because it was a nice batch, but I’ve chosen to see it as an interesting surprise. Some of the paper will be normal and other pieces will have holes in them.

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