What to do, what to do

Even as I make wry little comments about senior citizen rates, I feel good about entering the next stage of my life. After all, I think that the ultimate goal for nearly every human being is to get old, right? It’s a worthy one, if I can stay reasonable healthy and sane.

I’ve been out of school just long enough to start feeling antsy about not being in a regular class. I love to learn, but I don’t like to write papers. I’m actually considering taking up, for the third time, a second BA in Art. I started a BFA in Design with a concentration in fibers in the 80s. The person in charge of the fibers program was unstable and kind of mean to some of the other students. She left me alone but it was hard to watch. I finally decided to stop for a while with the plan to start up again when she crashed and burned, but what they did was get rid of the fibers program. Then when I worked at Greensboro College, I decided to take advantage of free classes and took a year of ceramics. When I left there, I had just enrolled in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at UNCG, mainly so that the higher degree would give me more choices in job hunting. So I spent five years doing that.

Now I’m eyeballing the printmaking classes available. I get three classes a year free, but most of the art classes would be impossible for me to take with my work schedule. HOWEVER, there is a Design II class (which I withdrew from long ago) at night this semester and a woodcut engraving class in the spring late enough in the afternoon that I could manage it if I could get into it. The Design II class is much different than Design II when I first took it, computer-based, which I think would be useful to me. The BAD news is that they use ::shudder:: Macs. Ay yi yi. What a dilemma. I hate Macs with a passion and don’t look forward to relearning how to use them. Of course, that WAS about 10 years ago when I tried to use a Mac.

If I decide to do this, it will have to be soon. The good part is that if I don’t like it and withdraw from the class it will cost me nada. And my main interest is that wood engraving class in the spring anyway. IF they will let me in it without being an official student again. Do I reapply as a second degree student after I’ve gotten an MA? It looks nuts but I’d never be able to go for an MFA and make enough to live on.

One thing that I have decided to do is to take the Doing Not Thinking Challenge at Two Frog Home. Now, I know what you’re thinking, because I get these kind of comments all the time: “How do you do so much!” But I don’t. Really. I live a lot in my head. I don’t have children, and I don’t care about decorating my house or housework or keeping up my looks. And that’s okay – the steps in my life’s journey have deliberately brought me here. But I spend an enormous amount of time daydreaming and fantasizing and playing games on the computer. I’m pretty good about bringing some of my daydreams into reality, but I could do more, pretty easily.

Because I do not want to reach the end of my life, and have regrets that I did not live it as fully and as happily as I might have.

Anyway, the goal that I picked is pretty simple, since I am still mulling over the larger goals that may come into play for 2009. Every month until the end of the year, I will make a book with a new bookbinding technique.

If you would like to participate in this challenge, it remains open. Just go see Kathie, which is always a worthwhile thing to do anyway.

Also, Kathie started a collaborative blog this month called Women Not Dabbling in Normal. It’s really, really wonderful. I had a chance to do it, but I was on a blog low and declined. Take a look at it, especially if you are interested in homesteading and gardening and real food and interesting, intelligent, hard-working women!

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