Back Forty

Our gazebo

The walls went up yesterday.

Reading the directions turns out to be important.

Lots o’ velcro

All that’s left to do is the flooring.

I’ve been daydreaming about a screened back porch for a long time, but as long as I spend my money on travel and art classes and art supplies, it ain’t gonna happen. So when Sandy and I saw this 9×12 gazebo with mosquito netting on clearance at Home Depot for $199, we decided to do it. It’s a nice big space and I’ll be able to enjoy my back yard again from May to October.

The instructions said that it would take two people two hours to assemble. Maybe two other people – we’re so hapless that it took us two days. But with lots of breaks.

The next step is for me to buy a pallet of cement pavers. I’ll leave the cardboard, and put the pavers over it. Maybe bricks or pebbles around the inside edges. It will be a place where I can work with wet materials such as basketry and paper.

This project made me very happy. I do hope that it stands up to normal weather. We’ll remove the roof and netting if a hurricane or winter storm is predicted in enough time.

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