Back Forty

Back Forty update

Biggest news – the figs are ripening and there are lots of them! I just ate six right off the tree and they were incredibly delicious. I’m about to go out with a small stepladder to pick, because it has gotten that big.

I think that the Roma tomatoes, and possibly the San Marzanos, will mostly ripen at the same time. Not a bad thing when your goal is canning them, but it makes for a long few days. I have one San Marzano that is flat out loaded, falling all over the place.

Last night I loaded the food dehydrator with sliced peaches and halved Principe Borghese tomatoes. These are the ones that I have an enormous harvest from 3 plants, but don’t taste sweet or spicy or tomatoey – kind of bland. I was disappointed because there are so many, but I bought the seed because they are supposed to be good for drying. Well, they were right. Drying gives them a complex richness – not sweet, but would be very good in any sauce where you are looking for a strong earthy flavor. So I think, anyway. Hopefully I’ll put it to a test soon.

The okra is beginning to come in too. I need some field peas to serve it with, but so far they have really hated the main place I planted them in. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of volunteers all over the place, so it really will be a treasure hunt this year.

Bad news: the Korean giant pear tree is obviously dying. It never did well and it was hard to remember to water it during the drought because it is in the back behind everything. But that’s okay – the seckel pear is doing well. I’ll have to look it up, but if I’m lucky it will be self-pollinating. If not, I’ll figure out where to plant another one. The Back Forty, in case you don’t know, is a joke. It’s really a small back yard.

I need to start getting up early enough to sit on the deck early in the morning. This morning I watched a squirrel build a nest in the quince tree next door. It was low enough and at an angle where I had a good view. And the hummingbirds come around very early – they like the Rose of Sharon tree between our houses. I often wash dishes in the morning and watch them.

Speaking of next door, somebody stole my NDN’s car yesterday. I think from the street. It was an old station wagon. She said that they probably stole it to sell for scrap. What the hell? Am I going to have to build a padlocked fence around our outside AC compressor now?

Update: the car wasn’t stolen.

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