art, book arts, fiber art, papermaking

What I’ve been doing

Making recycled paper

Making and writing and painting and drawing and glueing in journals – some are altered books

Yes, I already spilled something on the “Sticks and Stones” journal, made with pizza box covers and my handmade paper.

Here’s the first handbound book, covers made from a Kandinsky poster book, paper made by Susanne Martin.

I used these sunflower petals in some handmade paper and saved the stalks to make paper with later. The sunflowers are from a Handance Farm CSA. The echinaecea is from the Back Forty.

Another studio shot – I picked the drawer out of someone’s trash to use for a shelf. The oil paintings are mine, and I’m proud of them, but apparently not enough to let go of the money to frame them.

Squirt and Mama Kitty rest on the studio windowsill.

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