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Saturday morning post-market post

Whew! It’s gonna be a scorcher today, and I have an outdoor wedding to attend at 5 p.m.

I’m going to be like Dr. Horrible’s henchman, Moist. Have you seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog yet? Really, you’ve got to see it. The first three episodes are free on iTunes or at hulu.com.

I posted a lot of new photos on Flickr this morning and will post a few of them here this weekend.

There’s a bit of controversy at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market today. Market management, with ample warning to the vendors, began enforcing their rules about selling only what been certified that you grow. There is a process for applying for variances. I don’t know why the Molners’ Amish cheese and butter from Ohio are not under a variance, but I will miss it if it doesn’t come back. The problem was just a few vendors who were selling items that they do not have certification that it was grown on one of their farms, and if they aren’t inclined to tell the truth, they could be reselling produce that they bought from a wholesaler. I can guarantee you that at least one farmer was doing it, because once I caught them red-handed with stickers on their produce, and another time when the farmer was away and another person was tending his booth, he made a joke to me about their other farm in Peru.

So, what I’m saying here, is that if you’re upset over the rule enforcement, consider that it is to protect you as a consumer and the other vendors who have always abided by the rules. The rules, in the past year or so, were being pushed to the point that something had to be done. And the rules have been the same for at least a couple of years, and the vendors were given ample opportunities to come under compliance. The market management needs your support – I know for a fact that they had good reasons, and their rules were made with plenty of vendor and customer input.

All the same, I think that there is a petition to let the Molners continue selling cheese and butter, and I support that since I am addicted to their cheese. I have to wonder why they did not get a variance though. They are sensitive to rules and regulations (Ron Paul supporters!). Did they apply for one? Let me know if you know the scoop.

One upset vendor was telling his customers that “slow food people” were behind it. That was absolutely misleading, since Slow Food as an organization has had nothing to do with it. He promised me that he would set the record straight with his customers, since we were beginning to get complaints. I’m writing about it here to set the record straight as well, and my disclaimer is that the thoughts I have posted here are mine as an individual consumer. Other Slow Food members feel differently, and I understand their feelings also. We can’t be painted with the same brush on this issue.

Anyway, I really loaded up at the market since I just got paid and I’ve either missed markets or ran in and ran out with just an item or two. I picked up my CSA chicken and bought hamburger, Fordhook lima beans, corn, okra, yellow and Zephyr squash, peaches, red pepper/walnut spread, wholegrain bread, and soap. Not that I needed soap, since I am still using the absolutely wonderful soap that Beverly sent to me. But I didn’t want Glenn to think that I’d forgotten them. Pat gave me a few Aunt Ruby’s Green tomatoes to try – she said that they were wonderful but they weren’t selling and that she’d probably have to feed them to the chickens. They were ugly as sin so I figure that they will probably be delicious. She says that they are peppery. I’ll have a tomato sandwich for lunch.

With only Duke’s mayonnaise, salt, and pepper, of course. Over the kitchen sink.

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