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Sunday sweep

I’m braising a pork shoulder roast that I bought from Bradd’s pastured pig farm. He’s the guy who feeds his pigs the leftover whey from Goat Lady Dairy. I bought this a while back and I’m trying to clean out my fridge some. This will feed us both for a couple of days, I hope. I’m sort of following this recipe except I used one huge Vidalia onion and one Granny Smith apple, and instead of cider I had a jar of local chipotle apple marinade that I dumped in. We shall see in about 3 hours how it is. I figure that anything is good with Vidalia onions.

Sandy is painting the dining room, and boy, it is bright yellow. I love it. We’re planning to do a faux finish over it with a sponge and a textured roller, so who knows what it will look like next weekend, since neither of us have a clue as to what we are doing. Fortunately, I don’t care a lot about appearances.

I bound my little journal/sketchbook with the Kandinsky covers yesterday, and I like it. It’s just the right size to carry with me. However, I found the instructions for Coptic stitch in How to Make Books very confusing. I’m good at following instructions and the pictures didn’t help at all. I mean, when you go in and then back out of the same hole with a needle and thread, aren’t you basically doing NOTHING at all? Seriously, that’s a major editing mistake, and then she refers you back to those instructions for the next Coptic book. If I hadn’t done it before by a slightly different method, I would have given up. I winged a solution and it came out fine. The next Coptic stitch book I bind I’ll use Dan Essig’s handout for the instructions.

Last night Sandy took me out to dinner at Liberty Oak. We tried to go to Riva’s Trattoria, a new restaurant that’s gotten a lot of press because they are Slow Food and buy as much from local farmers as they can. There’s a big demand for this in Greensboro, I’m telling you. I know because we couldn’t get in. They said that ordinarily we wouldn’t need reservations, but they were packed up to an hour from then, and it was a bit late. I’m glad that they’re doing so well. We hope to develop a relationship between them and our Slow Food chapter too. Then we tried Rim, a new tapas bar, but it was closed for the holiday weekend (!!!??). Oh well, Liberty Oak is always a great dining experience, but I was excited about going some place new.

Not much else to say except I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I’m either starting Eat, Pray, Love or Jayber Crow tonight. Maybe both.

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