First post ever from the lake

Okay, I am NOT going to spend more than a few minutes here, but I’m able to pick up a wireless connection at Lake Waccamaw! I’m amazed! I only brought my laptop because I’d downloaded a bunch of podcasts and music I wanted to listen to, and I thought that I’d give this a shot. Wow. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera cable.

Anyway, I have my cattails and bulrush soaking, but it will probably be tomorrow before they’re ready to work with. This is part of the reason why I haven’t been weaving hats – I have to plan ahead and I don’t have a good place at home to work with wet materials.

I set up one of the other bedrooms as a studio – everything is laid out where I can see it and I go in there, pick out what I want to do, and take it outside or to the back screened porch, where I have a beautiful breezy view of the lake.

I’ve been journaling this morning. I added some beads to the little book I made in D. Essig’s class at Art and Soul, and drew a couple of sketches in it.

Now I’m going to read for a bit – Ahab’s Wife. Pretty good, so far. Maybe I’ll blog some more later.

I love this place.

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