voluntary simplicity

What I wouldn’t give up

Sitting here, drinking my coffee, killing a little bit of time before the stores I need to go to open this morning. I had to take the morning off to run these errands because I killed the battery in my car AGAIN. I don’t even know why I turned the headlights on, because I didn’t drive it after dark. Tch. So, I need to use the Honda before Sandy takes it to work this afternoon.

The only reason that these things can’t wait until this weekend is that we’re leaving early Saturday morning for Lake Waccamaw, where we’ll be until the following Sunday. And I’ve decided that now that Verizon offers a pay as you go cell phone, it’s time to do the cell phone thing. The lake house doesn’t have a phone, a feature that I like quite a bit, but there have been times when we have needed one, and it’s hard to find a pay phone these days. Plus we need some kind of way for the pet sitter and my family to reach us in case of emergency. I’m not giving out the number to anyone else (except friends that I expect to visit us at the lake) and it will be turned off except for long trips and the lake house.

Oof. Cell phone. Ugh.

Also have to stock up on cat food and some local/organic food supplies from Deep Roots Market. I did sign up for their Eat Local America challenge, which I have to say that I haven’t thought about much. When I’m at home I eat local most of the time anyway, and this week I’ve pretty much been living on green beans and potatoes and peanut butter. The peanut butter ain’t local, but what can I say. I cannot live without peanut butter.

All this reminds me of the meme that Robbyn tagged me with: What wouldn’t you give up to save Mother Earth? I’ve seen several bloggers do this one, and my answers won’t be much different. At one time, a cell phone would not have been on this list.

Time – I need a lot of downtime for myself to read and do artwork and garden and just relax. It is very tempting to throw myself passionately into every cause that I feel is important, but I’ve learned the hard way that doing too much backfires and shuts me down.

Computer – I love my laptop and the Internet and my life has been greatly enriched by all the people that I’ve come to know through blogging.

Air Conditioning – We lived without it for fifteen years, and we still do when the heat is not oppressive. But as I got older I found that I have much less tolerance for heat, and a good night’s sleep is essential for my mental and physical health.

Medication – Birth control and anti-depressants have made my life so much better that I can’t even begin to explain it. Natural remedies did NOT work.

Books – I love books and I always have. It surprises me that I didn’t seek to become a librarian. And the library’s great, but I love to own books, take my time with them, go back to the best ones again. I managed a book store and worked with wholesale and retail books for a total of nine years. I still miss it and dream about it. I seldom buy a new book unless I want to support the author – and I hit the free shelves at Ed McKays with alarming frequency. Every now and then I turn in several boxes and get credit to buy more!

One car – right now we own two, but we could get by with one. I grew up way out in the country where public transportation is non-existent. I could manage in Greensboro without a car if we had to, but I am attached to the freedom that owning a car gives me, even though it has a lot of other baggage.

Okay, there are others, but it’s time for the stores to open. Gotta go spend some money – not one of my favorite things to do. I’m not tagging anyone at this time – if you want to play, go ahead! It’s a good prompt, I think.

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