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Saturday morning coffee pot post on Friday night

I figure that I’ll get started on my Saturday morning coffee pot post early, except without the coffee. Substitute: Yuengling. I’ll be flitting about in the morning, ditzy with joy to finally be going over to Susanne’s for a day of papermaking, picking up my chicken at the market, trying not to have a panic attack, yet tanking up on caffeine.

I just spent a couple of hours trying to, yet again, reorganize my studio. There’s only so much I can do but I did put a lot in the recycling bag. I finished off the last fabulously ugly scarf last weekend, and it is really fabulous. I’ll try to remember to post a photo soon. The important thing is that it allowed me to fold up my Baby Wolf loom, park my butt in the middle of the floor, and spread all my collected junk around me in an attempt to figure out some kind of storage system. I don’t think that I’m going to be happy until I get some shelving up around the top of the walls for my yarn storage. Then I can use that space for a table for papermaking and supplies.

I have some terrific wood that I can recycle for shelves, and I think that I’ll hit up my carpenter neighbor a few doors down to cut it up for me. At one time it was a table at a bookstore that I used to manage. When it went out of business I bought it for the price we paid for it – $75. It is sealed wood and not practical as a work table for me anymore (at the time I rented a huge basement space as a studio for a song, which was great until it flooded). The top of the table has about a two-inch lip around it, and it had a big flat area at the bottom too. I took it apart years ago and have been lugging it around with me. I think that it’s time to reclaim the wood in this sucker and attach it to the walls.

Anyway, I haven’t been journaling much this week and I’m not kicking myself. I’m not kicking myself. Really, I am not kicking myself. Because that would be wrong. To kick myself. For making art a “should.”


I have been weaving a lot on the labyrinth tapestry and that should be finished very soon. Then I can start on the “feral family” tapestry.

Another “should” that I really should do – go out and pick beans. We have an orange air quality alert today, which means it’s unhealthy for sensitive people, and just walking to work and back made my throat hurt and gave me a headache. It’s the heat plus smoke drifting in from the wildfires in eastern N.C. 200-300 miles away. I can’t imagine how bad it must be east of here. Lord. I’d better do it now before the sun goes down.

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