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Memorial book in progress

Sort of, anyway. I took most of Squirt and Mama Kitty’s fur to Susanne, who is adding it to a batch of pulp for our papermaking day June 14. She is going to show me how to make the paper and then let me go at it on my own all day.

I’ve made the stamp of Squirt and I’m going to make a stamp of Mama Kitty.

I think that I’ll include the “Our Cat Enters Heaven” story by Margaret Atwood that a kind reader sent to me, and my haiku for Squirt, and other writing and remembrances of mine about them.

I need to think about the covers. Now that Mama Kitty has joined Squirt, I may make the back-to-back style that I learned in Dan Essig’s class at Art and Soul. I think that I’d like to do fabric covered covers, but I need to mull all this over and think about the whole of it rather than the parts.

I’ve been carving some wonderful stamps of the “Black Adder” font, my favorite font that I don’t even know where I picked it up, but I use it frequently.

Susanne gave me a couple of big sheets of her paper; one with yak hair and one with buffalo hair and sage. I have a previous gift from her of a paper made with lavender from Spannocchia. Maybe I’ll make a small book with just these papers.

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