Back Forty

Back Forty update

It rained last night, so I thought that it would be a good time to get some Back Forty shots. Unfortunately, it brought out the mosquitoes en masse.

Scratch, scratch.

This is the “gooseneck” garlic that my mother’s cousin Harry gave me. It’s a heirloom from my great-grandmother’s garden. It has twisted and turned several times over just the last couple of days. You may end up seeing this as my banner – it seems to have potential.

The first violetto artichoke! It isn’t violet, but it’s very pretty. This was planted last spring, started from seed.

White Nanking cherries on the bush. The pinkish one is ripe enough to eat, but can get a little riper.

For size reference

The red Nanking cherries on the bush. They can get a little bit darker red than this if you like them sweeter (I do). They’re a little smaller than the whites, but there are a LOT more of them.

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