Well, I’m home from work, but I think that I’ll wait a little while before sneaking through the Back Forty to the studio. When you overhear the NDN having a loud argument with Satan, it’s best to be prudent. She took the news of Mama Kitty’s death very well, though. I think from our recent conversation that she is overloaded on the irrationality of politics, which God only knows can drive the most stable of us nutty. That’s one reason that I gave up TV and most news in general. Besides, if Satan really is out there, I don’t want to run into him either.

It sounds like I’m making fun of her, and I guess that I am, a little. But it is more like dread in getting captured in a conversation about religion, in which the only way to extract myself finally is to be rude, which I don’t want to be either. I usually feel a lot of compassion for NDN, but she does get on my nerves sometimes. I’m a little afraid that I might end up just like her one day. Except that my craziness will probably manifest itself in hoarding and cats.

This summer, I’ll be preparing to go to the Slow Food National Congress in San Francisco as a delegate! Okay, it’s not a done deal yet, but I think that I have a good chance of going. With Alpha Anne, who should be a real fun travel companion.

I’m working on finishing that scarf, hopefully in the next day or two. And I’m making a bunch of very cool alphabet stamps, and working in an art journal for the first time. This morning I had painted a couple of pages with white gesso, and my husband walked into the studio and tossed the phone onto the wet paint. He might need to adjust to my new medium.

I’m going to call Susanne and see if she’ll give me a few lessons in papermaking. I know it’s easy. But I’m the type of person who needs a little instruction to kickstart me into a new direction. I want to make books, but I want to make the paper too.

UPDATE: Woo hoo! Susanne and I have a paper making date for June 14. A whole day of it. Sometimes you just gotta ask for what you need.

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