On her throne

mama kitty 07 08 07

Stalking a very unlucky rabbit

mama kitty

Helping me mulch the paths in the Back Forty

“Mama Kitty” Georgia O’Neill
1996-May 18, 2008

She was a free spirit who lived a near perfect life, with humans that cared for her, freedom to roam, and a daughter who loved her. She was a mighty huntress. She had an insatiable curiosity which overcame her fear, and incredible luck to live for twelve years as a peaceful feral cat in a busy neighborhood among other roaming animals. Her spirit is a integral part of the Back Forty.

She gave me the gift of her son, Squirt.

Near the end of her life, she enchanted mine by finally giving me what I needed and craved the most, her love and friendship.

She will be missed. I loved her very much.