Whee! I’m an M.A. now!

This day was important in several respects. Partly, because I celebrated receiving my M.A. in Liberal Studies with my husband, Kristina, Deb, Randy, Karl-Heinz, Charlie, Debby, and other MALS classmates and faculty today at a very nice ceremony at the O. Henry Hotel. Partly, because it is my 21st wedding anniversary, but Sandy and I will celebrate that tomorrow night. And partly, because it was the last crazy busy day at my work until late July, and I’ll be able to mentally relax for a good long time.

So it was wonderful that I ended this multi-level lovely day on the breezy patio of Fishbones after work with my friend Jeff, Joyce, and la Stewie!

Yes, I did officially graduate in December, but it wasn’t a time of celebration for me. So I’m glad that the ceremony for December graduates was in May. We had fun and we got some of the Italy classmates together for a photo, plus we reenacted the famous Karl-Heinz tiramisu photo with Charlie in reverse.

From October 2006: Karl-Heinz hogs the tiramisu in Spannocchia

From May 2008: Charlie scarfs down the desserts at the MALS ceremony

Laurie, Karl-Heinz, Deb, Charlie, and Debby

Laurie, Jean, Deb, Randy, Karl-Heinz, and Charlie

Me and my mentor, friend, and inspiration, Charlie.

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