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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Aaaaahhhh. It’s been a while. Waking up my brain cells, getting ready for my weekend. When I do a coffee pot post, I plan my day or weekend and write as long as the coffee lasts.

Today, I’m going to pick up my milk, go to the farmers’ market and grocery shop, go to McKnight’s Hardware and buy potting soil, pebbles, mulch, and organic fertilizer IF they have it, go to Deep Roots and grocery shop, go to Harris Teeter for beer, go to Pet Smart to stock up on cat food, and maybe hit Lowe’s for a Dremel Stylus and whatever I couldn’t get at McKnight’s.

Tomorrow, inside I need to do some cleaning and finish laundry. Cook some big dish like lasagna. Outside, mulch paths, mix potting soil and plant the rest of the Roma tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and cucumbers in containers. Later this week I’ll weed some more and put down wet newspapers and pine straw around my tomatoes. Weed whack the front and side yard.

Really, this outdoor stuff can’t wait any longer. But I swear I’m going to prioritize the art work – 3-4 hours a day on weekends, a hour or more on weeknights.

Something strange and sad happened in my family a week ago. My aunt’s husband and ex-husband passed away on the same day. So my cousin lost her father and stepfather, each on opposite sides of the country with her in Colorado. I never met my ex-uncle, who was a successful photographer for mainstream magazines and seemed to be a very cool guy. My uncle, who married my aunt in their 70s, had a great sense of humor, and took my aunt all over the world. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to spend more time with these two men.

::rant alert::

Bob Herbert really nailed the Clintons in his NYT column today. The next time somebody says to me that people aren’t ready to vote for a woman, I’ll have ammunition for why not THIS woman. This sexist reasoning really bugs the hell out of me. Basically, saying that since I’m for Obama, I’m a sexist. I’m not “ready” for a woman president. If I was for Clinton, would that mean that I’m a racist? Isn’t it sexist or racist to pick someone because of their gender or ethnicity and not on the basis of their characters? Give me a woman candidate who is not an obnoxious, do/say-anything-to-win liar, who is a better choice that the other candidates, and she has got my vote. BUT she has to be the best choice. Any other reason to vote for her would be sexist. Sheesh. In some ways I feel like this election has set back feminism.

::end rant::

Anyway, I was glad that North Carolina went the right way. Maybe we can wrap this baby up soon.

Coffee is almost gone. I’ll probably be blogging a lot for a while. Stay tuned if you’re interested. If not, I hope that you’re having a great time living your life away from the computer!

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