Another device to help me focus: a list of my works in progress. I’ll post about these and photograph as I actually progress. From the oldest to newest might be the best way to go, although I doubt I’ll proceed in this order.

  1. Fabulously ugly scarf III – still on the floor loom in the studio. Weave it off and fold up the loom. I want the floor space for summer.
  2. “Labyrinth” tapestry – looking forward to this one, actually.
  3. Skirt and clean Bev’s fleeces, send off to be carded and spun.
  4. Tobacco ATCs
  5. Woven ATCs – back them and photograph. Soon, especially since this awesome ATC is waiting for my trade.
  6. Second tapestry box bag – will probably be put on the back burner, quite honestly.
  7. “Elements” tapestries – finish backs, make a quilted block to mount them on. Photograph.
  8. “Mindful presence” collage, stitch, embellish, quilt.
  9. Add beads to the “dingleberry” on the closure for the book I made for Dan Essig’s class. You gotta love his warped sense of humor.
  10. Begin adding content to this book – a nature journal.
  11. Begin putting together second coptic stitch book before I forget how to do it (kit from his class).
  12. “Writing” collage – for lack of a better title right now
  13. Embellished cut-off shorts (a creative hit from Ricë’s blog)
  14. Begin a fabric art journal about my trip to Italy.

Lord. You can tell that I don’t have children. I do have a full time job, a vegetable garden, and five needy cats and a husband, though.

I’m particulary energized this weekend, because I won the alphabet stamp giveaway from Ricë! Am I lucky or what? I may have to erect an altar to this woman.