Wow, what a difference the new set-up of my studio makes. I think that I’ll be able to get some great work done this summer. I pinned my fabric swatches up to the curtain hanging in front of the shelves, and a cork bulletin board has bags and strands of beads tacked to it. My Lyle Lovett poster and a cheap Diego Rivera print of a weaver are on the walls. My little window air conditioner is cranking so it was very comfortable. I re-listened to one of the Oprah/Eckhart Tolle podcasts and enjoyed it. I don’t write about it, but I’m deep into navel-gazing about my artistness.

I wove on the scarf for an hour and switched to a straight twill in the middle which will make it go much faster. When I get to the last 15 inches I’ll switch back to the striped rosepath. I painted over some pages in a spiral book that I’m altering for a journal. This one will be my wild child journal that I’m promising myself will remain private, so that I feel very free to experiment and screw up a lot!

Now I’m hitting the sack early as my energy has been low all week. I think that I’m perimenopausal again. Or maybe truly menopausal now. As the fabulous Zha K said to me the other week, I’d like to skip hag and go straight to crone. I’m really pretty well-adjusted about aging – maybe because I’ve seen what a great late-middle to old age my mother is experiencing. My ex-boyfriend from my senior year in high school sent me a photo of him and his daughter, and for some reason it made me feel old. Also a little sad, because I treated him so badly and he didn’t deserve it and doesn’t hate me. I don’t feel old very often.

Last night I couldn’t sleep because of the allergy itchies, and finally I got up, took an pseudophedrine and an Ambien, and joined my husband on the sofa, where I discovered that we were under a tornado warning. Maybe not the best timing on the Ambien. But, we barely got a raindrop. Did have an F2 and F3 tornado in the area though. Wow.

This weekend I will be playing a lot of catch-up with grocery and basic house supply shopping and mulching and weeding and housework, but I’m planning to spend at least 3-4 hours each day in the studio.

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