Studio update

I realized that I’m never going to get started again on my artwork until I clean up and reorganize the giganto mess I made in the studio and the happy room before I went to Art and Soul. It’s like a maniac went through everything and tossed it around. Well.

I set up a folding table for my painting and stamping, and arranged a workspace and storage space for my supplies. I had the absolute perfect display and storage space for the stamps that Ricë sent to me, and I have more space for the ones I’ll be making. So I’ll be able to see them all, reach up, and pluck just the right one for my journal.

I made a list of works-in-progress and works-in-head and I had eleven items on the list! Whew!

I moved my floor loom over so that I’ll have some space at my work tables to get up and move around. One of the things on my list is to finish the scarf that has been on it since last summer and then I’ll be able to fold it up for a while.

I ordered a Japanese screw punch with five bits from EBay for less than $30 with shipping. Assuming that it is the same kind I used in my workshop (it looked the same), I saved about half the price. I distrust this luck. EBay is not my playground, and normally I avoid it like the plague. We’ll see.

I am ready to play in the studio this weekend. Woo hoo!

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