political activism

Politics as usual or change for the better

I’m back! What a whirlwind of inspiration THAT was. But, for right now, I’m so very sorry, but it is necessary for me to dip briefly into politics, just to get it out of my system. You see, I live in North Carolina. Tomorrow’s primary will be the first time we’ve had any influence over the Democratic nomination since I’ve been able to vote.

Which means, of course, that we’ve been bombarded with phone calls. Let’s not even talk about turning on the TV – it probably won’t happen while I’m awake for at least the rest of the year. I do have an answering machine (I know, you young’uns have “voice mail,” and I also still have a computer with a floppy disc drive and a phone that attaches to a wall, so sit down) so I can screen the calls. One of the great things about leaving the state this weekend was not listening to the phone ring. I did get to answer a poll, which gave me a little tingle.

Anyway, I’d just like to say that if ever I had been inclined to vote for Sen. Clinton, those inclinations would be stomped deader ‘n hell right now. Today a former Clinton supporter told me that he’d been turned away by her idiotic gas tax idea. Personally, my bugaboo has always, always, always been lack of manners and negative campaigning, and, I gotta say it, OUTRIGHT LYING.

My favorite columnist (since the great Molly Ivins passed away) is now Gail Collins of the NYT. Gail doesn’t suffer a fool gladly, and pretty much parcels out the comeuppance to anyone who deserves it, which let’s face it, includes everybody in the whole damn campaign and politics in general. Here’s an excerpt from her column on Saturday:

“Obama believes voters want a sensible, less-divisive political dialogue, that the whole process can become more honorable if the right candidate leads the way. Hillary really doesn’t buy that. She has principles, but she doesn’t believe in principled stands. She thinks that if she can get elected, she can do great things. And to get there, she’s prepared to do whatever. That certainly includes endorsing any number of meaningless-to-ridiculous ideas…

“On Tuesday, root for the Democrat whose vision of the political process comes closest to matching your own. And I do not want you to be swayed by the fact that Hillary and Barack are finally having a policy debate, and it’s about the dumbest idea in the campaign.”

I keep hearing from Clinton supporters that the political process is dirty, and you have to get ugly to win. But if that’s the way it is, then we are very, very lucky, BECAUSE we can change it. It’s up to us. Vote for a different way of thinking about politics tomorrow. Vote for Obama.

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