Mama Lap Kitty

Okay, I have a lot of other things that I ought to be doing right now, but this critter update is important.

I just spent fifteen minutes on the deck, looking over a beautiful Back Forty despite the fine crop of chickweed, with Miss Mama Kitty. For the first time ever, she laid down in my lap. She received a major kitty massage, and she purred and kneaded her paws in my lap. Every now and then I leaned down and talked to her in a low tone, telling her about how long I had dreamed of doing what we were doing at that moment and how much I loved her. Finally she turned around and looked at my face next to hers, and rubbed her forehead against mine.

::heavy sigh of contentment::

Oh, I wish it hadn’t taken 12 years and I wish that she wasn’t so incredibly bony, but I will treasure this time I have left with her.

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