So I go to Dye-In Day to play with fiber and dye with a few weavers and spinners today. When I get there, I notice some fabulous found-object welded sculptures that look very much like John Martin’s work, Susanne’s husband, the artist I was planning to go to Italy with this summer. And it turns out that they are John’s work, because the owner of the house takes care of the Martin animals. Now I’m thinking “pet-sitter,” but how about that!

Then I go into the house to use the restroom, notice a cat in a crate in an adjoining room, walk in to say hello to the cat, and notice veterinary diplomas on the wall. Hmmm. So I ask this person where her practice is located, and she says, “I have a house call business.”

So it turns out that I am at the veterinarian’s house that I was about to look up to make the house call to give Mama Kitty her shots and an exam. The one that Susanne recommended, but either didn’t give me her name or I didn’t make the connection. The plan that I just discussed with Sandy last night.

Okay, that’s pretty strange. Greensboro is not a huge city, but we’ve got about a quarter million people here and growing.

Then, a woman who showed up just before the thunderstorm rolled in who was really interested in my cardboard loom weaving mentioned blogging as she was walking back to her car. I asked her if she was a blogger, and she said yes, look up Gingerbreads House. She’s only been blogging a few months so she only has a few people on her blogroll, but whose link does she have on her blogroll? One of my very favorite people, Kathie from Two Frog Home!

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite as much of a coincidence as showing up at the vet’s house that I had just decided to call within the last week, but with all of it put together, it was a very fun, strange day. And I got to give Virginia a shout out and Kathie another plug.

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