Saturday morning coffee pot post

I can’t write long this morning so I’m already on the last half of my second (last) cup of coffee. When I do a coffee pot post, I write whatever until the coffee pot is empty.

This morning I have things to do, including one task that I procrastinated on until the last minute. If ever there was proof that my new medication was working, this is it, although I don’t see it as a positive! Normally if I have something I have to do I am anxious to be done with it so I get it done early.

Anyway, there are three must-dos this morning. I must pick up my chicken from my CSA farmer at the farmers’ market. I must pick up my raw goat milk from my super-secret source (the raw cow’s milk gets a taste that I don’t like this time of year, so I switch to goat milk). And I must redo the Slow Food display board before about 11:30 a.m., because I need to be at the Deep Roots Taste Fair before noon. No big deal but for some reason I am resisting doing it.

Last night I spent a few hours with the fabulous Zha K, while she waited to pick up her daughter and date from the prom. We went down to Sushi Republic and I tried their sea urchin and a roll called “Spider” – a fried soft-shell crab roll. The sea urchin was really awful – I was disappointed because I had sea urchin at Lantern in Chapel Hill as a part of that amazing dinner with Carlo Petrini and it was wonderful. Maybe it was part of the excitement of a one-of-a-kind experience. The waiter said that it was an “acquired taste.” I don’t know. But the soft-shelled crab roll was great, and I’ve noticed that is something that not all chefs can handle well.

Zha K is thinking about blogging again after a hiatus of about a year, so that will be a welcome return.

Movies watched this week: Wild Caught, a documentary about N.C. fishermen; Notes on a Scandal, starring my current favorite actress, Judi Dench.

Okay, it’s 9 am. Gotta go!

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