Oof, I’m tired. I’m feeling a little obsessive, and I’ve been clenching my teeth again. Not that there’s anything bad going on at all! The problem I had last week is definitely resolved, thank God, and not only that, I won a Staff Excellence Award and that means some unexpected cash to play with! Problem is that I can’t get my mind off paying off the car. I can’t stand being in debt, although I can handle the thought of the house mortgage just fine. But the credit cards must be paid in full each month, and here I am with car payments for the first time in years.

I got out in the garden this afternoon and did a bit of clean-up – moving containers to the side of the front porch to get ready for planting tomatoes and cucumbers, moving other containers for peppers to the side yard. Transplanted some fennel volunteers, yay! I sat down and sketched out a plan of sorts for planting over the next couple of months. Mulched a bit more path, but I’m still hunting for cardboard. I can’t do too much at a time anyway, because it takes so little to start my elbow hurting. But the whole plan of this garden was to develop it in a way that would be physically sustainable for me as well as the earth, and I’ve succeeded with that, I think. It’s just frustrating to see big patches of dandelions and chickweed gone to seed! I’d love to knock it all out at once.

This Saturday is the Deep Roots Taste Fair, and I’ll be there with Gwen at a Slow Food table. The weather report sounds like it might be a bit stormy though. I don’t mind rain since we’re under a tent, but chasing down display materials in wind is no fun at all. One year I brought paperweights to another fair and the kids kept wanting to run off with them, so I’ll have to find something less appealing to hold things down. Maybe vegetables! I like this fair a lot because there is free food and samples of organic products and good music.

On Sunday, I plan to venture back to my weavers guild. Each year my guild has a dye day before stopping meetings for the summer. I haven’t been to one since my friend Elaine moved to Arizona so this will be at another weaver’s house. I have some wool on two cones that are both icky shades of light green that I have overdyed for years at these things! So I’ve been winding off skeins to dye and that hasn’t helped the old elbow either. I also took some of the cotton muslin remnants that I’ve been obsessively buying at Jo-Ann and bound them up for tie-dye. There is also the matter of the two fleeces that Beverly so graciously sent to me – there are sure to be some spinners there who can give me good advice on where to send them for processing. I had no idea that it was so expensive to have fleeces processed and spun into yarn!

There is just too much to do this time of year. I know it’s because the weather is nice, but dammit, it’s overwhelming. I hate having to choose. For example, the pottery festival is also Sunday. Next weekend I have to go to a family reunion, and I’ll have to miss the freaking Liberty Antique Festival again. Anne-Marie is having a Slow Food potluck next Sunday and I doubt I’ll be able to go to that either. I don’t like missing Slow Food potlucks. They are rare pleasures.

Waa waa, my life is too full. Isn’t that disgusting?

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