Mojo struggles

So the question is…
Now that I’ve gotten my art mojo back, how do I do the other stuff that I need to do? This house is covered in cat hair, but I did manage to clean the toilet and wash the dishes tonight.

This weekend I hope to finish up the paths in the Back Forty if it doesn’t rain me out. I’ve got the stuff, but I need strong arms to carry it from the back of the Fit to the back yard. There is a lot of weeding to be done. The kind of weeds that a newspaper mulch doesn’t quite suppress. I should go ahead and plant some beans, I guess. My tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber seedlings aren’t quite ready yet, and we’re supposed to get down in the 30s by Monday night. So I’ll tote the trays back in.

Normally, weeding the Back Forty in the spring is meditative bliss for me, but not this year, because I’m constantly beckoned by the muse. And she’s serious about it. I’ve got more ideas than I could possibly create in a year right now.

I’m excited tonight because Ricë is giving away some of her stamp collection and she is sending me a box! I never thought of stamping as being a particularly creative art before I started reading books on collage and multimedia and surface design. I didn’t have my mind open to it. I never thought about carving my own stamps, although when I was doing ceramics, I used everything I could find to stamp my clay with different textures and shapes and lines. If I had kept up the ceramics, textural designs and slab pottery and tiles was the direction I was heading. Now I realize – when I carved designs into clay, I could have been carving stamps. I’m just continuing where I left off in 2002, it seems, in a different medium.

I wanted to work with found objects and texture, and I wanted to work with fibers. Well, here we go.

This weekend is the last one for a while in which I have no plans other than to hang around the homestead, which I consider to be the. best. place. ever. So I’m fighting between the urge to get this garden and housework done when I have the time, or ditching it all to finish the tapestry ATCs and pins and fill my origami trade boxes for Art & Soul. Thing is, it is necessary to do things other than create art. I keep thinking of that movie Iris, with Judy Dench as Iris Murdoch (I’ve decided that Judy Dench is the most amazing actress on the planet). She and her husband were a creative couple, and their house was an unbelievable mess. I don’t want a house like that, but if I followed the muse every time she crooked a finger at me, we’d be doomed to filth and weeds three feet tall.

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