Monday blues

Boy, what a rotten Monday I had. Someone overheard something I said out of context and very strongly accused me of being a racist to a lot of people. I had explaining and apologizing to do and now we both feel like shit, but I think that she understood that I was sincerely sorry that I hurt her. I told her about how Obama’s speech on race touched me and that I think that it’s important that we talk and listen to each other about race. I’ve done a lot of crying today and I wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up as a Monday migraine tonight.

Anyway, I haven’t posted about my artwork in a while. Partially it’s because I hate taking the photos. I can’t get the color and focus right without a lot of trying. I wish that I could weave, read, blog, and take photos at the same time, but I’m not that talented. So I keep promising a post on tapestry, and I will follow through. Soon.

When I find myself twiddling my thumbs, waiting on hold or waiting on an email, I’ve been folding little origami boxes out of heavy paper I’ve gleaned out of junk mail. This could become an obsession. Best of all, not only am I recycling paper, I’ve come up with lots of embellishment ideas and I think that I’m going to make these some of my trades at Art & Soul.

Serendipity: I opened one of the new used books I bought, Art Stamping Workshop, and one of the projects was about these boxes – the technique is called “masu.” In this project, you stamped a design on fabric and fused the fabric to paper so that it can be folded with crisp edges. This idea perked me up considerably. I like vessels and containers, and my hands aren’t really strong enough for pottery or basketry. THIS I can do.

Tonight I’m working on a little series of tapestries that I’ve begun in the Happy Room. I’ll probably take a Xanax and hit the sack early so that I don’t grind my teeth all night.

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