coffee pot posts

Saturday morning coffee pot post

Sitting here half asleep, trying to plan the weekend while the coffee lasts.

High on the agenda: more coffee.

First in line: the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market on the corner of Yanceyville and Lindsey Sts., where I will pick up excellent snackies and a few grocery items for the week. I’m pretty good for groceries, since I am trying to eat out of the freezer and make room for future chicken stock, once my chicken CSA starts.

Then to Deep Roots Market, where I will buy things like coffee and toilet paper.

Then to Harris Teeter for beer and cat food.

Then to Joann’s – cotton and linen is on sale and I found some great deals in the remnant bin since the remnants are an additional 50% off, and small pieces are fine for what I do.

Greensboro’s Earth Day Fair is this afternoon – I hope that it doesn’t pour down rain. Or worse, wait until it begins and then start to storm. I’m not doing the Slow Food table there this year, but somehow I feel a little guilty about it. I’m insane for feeling this way. No one helped me with it the last two years. It’s just that it’s a bitch when the weather is bad at these outdoor fairs, and I pushed the fact that it was important for Slow Food have a presence there. You also have to park about a half mile away from the table, so there is no easy exit.

On Thursday, though, I am doing a Slow Food table with Renee of Sweet Basil’s restaurant at the showing of Wild Caught, a documentary about North Carolina fishermen at Weatherspoon Art Museum. Renee offered to prepare wild-caught fish hors d’oeuvres! I’m loving that she is so interested in getting involved with Slow Food. Except for Masood and Anna of Zaytoon, other restaurants around Greensboro seem to be uninterested. There is also going to be a little farmers market in the back of Weatherspoon from 4-6:30, when the film begins. We’ll be set up inside, from 6-6:30.

So I have an excuse to go to Sweet Basil’s this weekend. I have to take Renee some flyers. Not really, but that’s my excuse. Ooh, maybe we can hit Empire Books while we’re over that way. It is a really good little used book store. And Guilford Garden Center for some landscape fabric and hardwood mulch to finish the paths up, if it clears up this weekend.

I enjoyed a good thunderstorm last night, nestled down in fresh organic knit sheets with a great new book. I splurged on these a few years ago, and I’m spoiled for any other kind of sheets now.

I’m deep into reading books on creativity now. Last night, I was fascinated by Living the Creative Life, by my new friend Ricë. Wow. What a wonderful book. If you’re at all interested in unleashing your creativity, I highly recommend it.

The Toyota has been dead as a doornail for the past two and a half weeks, so I have to get all my running around town done on Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t minded staying at home during the week at all. However, we need to get it jumped off and either repaired or charged up in the next couple of days because my brother-in-law will be in the hospital for a few days starting tomorrow night and I need to be on call to help if needed.

And during the time that I’m not running around doing these things, I’ll be at home weaving and listening to podcasts, and trying not to think about how the bathroom needs to be cleaned.

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