I’m back to the phase when I think that I’ll quit blogging and just live my life, but that never lasts long. Right now I’m blogging out of a weird sense of obligation that only bloggers understand, but a few days from now I’ll probably have to restrain myself from doing several posts in a day. I AM trying to balance the blogging addiction, and lately it has been working, partly because I have so many other things capturing my attention.

Such as the Back Forty – I took down the greenhouse yesterday so that hopefully this next predicted soaking rain will benefit the lettuce, beets, and carrots planted in those beds. I transplanted a lot of leek volunteers. I took advantage of the wet earth and dug up a lot of dandelions and thistles, especially in the middle of the path that I’m about to mulch, thanks to the help of Gwen, who brought me some more cardboard.

I’ve been cooking again too. Nothing fancy. It’s only me for dinner these days, but I’ve never minded leftovers too much. Tonight I’m baking a meat loaf and a local pasture-raised ham steak spread with peach preserves from one of our Amish farmers. Also peas and corn from my freezer – I need to make some room in the freezer for my chicken CSA which will begin in a couple of weeks. I’ll eat most of the chicken but I plan to make and freeze stock. I’m going to try to get more serious about producing my own food this year. Not being clinically depressed should help with that goal.

Seedlings inside will go out to harden off in the next few days. They’re looking good – I also have a few cucumbers that I got from Stew that I hope will do well in containers. The only thing that did not germinate at all was the Red Marconi peppers I got from the seed swap at the CFSA conference, so I might have to buy a few sweet pepper plants. I love growing peppers.

Okay, back to the stove then back to weaving.