So, I’m sitting here thinking about how happy I am, and I’ve got this bite guard in my mouth that makes me look like Jerry Lewis, and I’m thinking about how I hope that my 3 day old toothache is from clenching my teeth, because the last time my teeth hurt like this that’s what it was, and I just had my teeth cleaned and examined a month ago, and I’m thinking that it would be really weird if I am clenching my teeth when I’m so happy right now.

Last night, after I wove my little ATC, I went on a cooking jag and made lasagna with zucchini and leeks and fennel and garlic pine nuts and marinated sauted tempeh. The tomato sauce was bottled, but organic, and I used organic ricotta and unorganic mozzarella and parmigiano. I didn’t taste it because I was not hungry. Then I had lasagna noodles left over, so I cut them up and went out to the Back Forty in the dark and gathered a few leaves of ruby chard and Siberian kale and rosemary and thyme and parsley, chopped up another leek and garlic, sauteed them in some olive oil and added the noodles and a couple of boxes of organic chicken broth. I sipped it and it was okay last night but will probably be better on standing and I can add whatever. I divided both dishes up into portions and froze most of it.

Tonight I tasted the lasagna and oh my god. It was totally wonderful and I don’t even know if I can reproduce it. I really did not expect it to be so good because I’m not usually crazy about veggie lasagna, but I wanted to use some zucchini from my freezer. I think that it could have been the red wine/olive oil/soy sauce/garlic marinade from the tempeh that I poured over everything in the saute pan. It was really awful wine too, leftover from the reenactment last weekend, saved in a soda bottle and brought home by my dear husband. I took it out of the fridge and thought, uh, what the hell, I’ll throw it in the marinade.

And tonight I wove another little weaving, and I’m really happy right now, even though I look like Jerry Lewis and I might be going to the dentist tomorrow.

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