Back Forty, critters

Back Forty update

Yesterday I switched my plans a bit, just like always. When I went out on my errands and saw what a gawjuss day it was, I knew that I had to get out in the Back Forty. I hauled all the cardboard out of the studio and got to work on mulching the paths. It is such a relief to see floor space in the studio again. Maybe I’ll actually move back out there now. It will be nice to not have to listen to Guido squawling and pawing at the door of the Happy Room!

Anyway, I took some before photos this morning. When I don’t, I always wish that I did later when it looks beautiful.

I’ll put wood chip mulch over the cardboard for now, but the ultimate goal is to put down fieldstone and finish out the side path, extend it out to a little patio area in the middle, and continue up the path to the studio door.

I still have a lot to do today, and I can’t believe that I didn’t have enough cardboard to do the worst path. I’ll be trashpicking and hauling boxes home from work again, I guess.

There mi-i-i-ght be enough lettuce here for a baby salad, when combined with the claytonia. It was too hot in the greenhouse this winter for the most part.

These are the “winter” beds. They get sun only in the winter, and now are sprouting turnips, peas, a variety of mustards, spinach, and arugula. Claytonia, sorrel and parsley is established here, as well as chard from last year. I’m letting the Tuscan kale and brussels sprouts go to seed.

^^ Still lots to do.

Top: The “fertile crescent” where I keep my most frequently used culinary herbs for a quick dash out in the middle of a kitchen inspiration. This year there are purple artichokes growing there too. Bottom: Bee balm, lamb’s ears, yarrow, yellow lilies, Red Nanking cherry bush, maybe one cardoon (the others perished during the winter), daffodils, and a fabulous French hydrangea.

Mama Kitty, my constant companion in the garden, is Squirt’s feral mother. She is much more trusting than she used to be.

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