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Good Friday morning coffee pot post

I almost typed in Saturday. I have a three day weekend!

I had a good week. It was very busy at work, but in a satisfying way. Next week will probably be full of mail merges and paperwork. We have a new receptionist who has a warm personality and seems to be very secure and competent. And doesn’t seem to have any underlying paranoia, thank God!

I met a new friend at Fishbones on Tuesday for a drink and one of their fabulous burritos. She and I have a whole lot in common, personality-wise and art-wise and I think that we share some of the same priorities in life. Such as, she says that she will only go out once during the week because she has too much fun stuff to do at home. :-D

Then yesterday I met Charlie at Boba House for lunch, ate garlicky “chicken,” laughed a lot, and caught up on life. We were very used to being in frequent contact when he was my professor, mentor, and co-leader in Slow Food. Now being just friends is great, but I miss talking to him – he and I both stay busy. He was thrilled about my new car, since he was the one who suggested the Honda Fit with much enthusiasm. He is talking about writing a book – two books, actually – one about his WWOOF experiences (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and one more general to his interests in permaculture and Slow Food and sustainable agriculture. He and Debby are spending one month at Spannocchia this fall and another six weeks as WWOOF workers on an island farm in Greece!

Other than that, I’ve been working on weaving the bottom of a new tapestry box, which is repetitively soothing to me, but also the most boring part of the process. It is perfect for listening to audiobooks or watching a movie, although I wouldn’t suggest one with subtitles. That’s what I did last night, though, wove while I watched a very strange dark, dark French comedy called Delicatessen. I appreciated the sweet clown comedy (having once entertained that notion when I was 17-19 years old) but the rest is very surrealistic and twisted. I guess I liked it – just found the overall plot of cannibalism to be a little much!

I also came up with a woven tapestry pin that I can give away at Art and Soul and I’m having fun doing them, so I’ll work on weaving lots of them instead of the labyrinth tapestry for a while. Meanwhile they will give me ideas for larger tapestries.

Okay, the rest of this will be planning my weekend, so if you’ve stayed with me this far, you may want to cut out.

Today, go to Deep Roots and Pet Smart to get non-farmer’s market items. Clean the kitchen and floors. Soak dried beans for chili. Take the seedlings out for a sun bath and water the greenhouse. Weave and listen to podcasts in the evening, as usual.

Tomorrow, go to Farmer’s Market and Lowes. Buy mulch for paths. Important: get Sandy to haul them for me so that I don’t hurt my elbow! Get the cardboard out of the studio for the paths and get to work before the weeds take over! Plant more carrots and beets, since the moon is right for root vegetables. Bring the seedlings back in. Make chili.

Easter Sunday: maybe go to church. I don’t think that I’ve heard the Sojourners Easter service yet. It will probably be very interesting. Do laundry and clean the bathroom. Spend the rest of the day weaving and drawing and playing and watching movies with Sandy. Cook another stew or soup or big dish like lasagna to eat for the week.

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